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Saddle and Rider Equipment

Saddle Bags:
Hoof pick
Halter and rope
Collapsible water bucket
First Aid Pack
Energy food
1 Easy Boot
Large plastic trash bag
Space blanket
Signal mirror
Flashlight or LED lamp
Survey/marking tape
Insect repellent
Toilet paper
5-10' duct tape
Waterproof matches
Small saw / pruning shears

On Rider:
ID Card
Personal Prescriptions
Note pad & pen/pencil

Cell phone
Sun glasses
Lip balm
Small zip lock bags
Reading glasses
Sun glasses
Nylon cord (50 feet)
Safety Pins
Extra Batteries for GPS
Glowsticks for Horse

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Truck and Trailer Equipment

5 gallons of water each for horse and truck
MSAR call out booklet
50' cord or cotton rope
Stable blanket
Grooming kit
5 gallon water bucket
Horse feed -hay/grain
Extra reins
Fly & tick spray
Extra halter and lead
Hay net/bags
Food & Water Shovel/broom/rake
EZ jack or equivalent
Lug wrench
Flares or traffic diamond
Wheel chock(s)
Hack saw
Bolt cutters

Liquid Flat Fix
Duct tape
Jumper cables
Black electrical tape
Set of truck and trailer fuses
Sleeping bag
Long rope for tie line
Extra clothing and shoes
Rain gear
Warm gloves (in cantel bag)
Extra horseshoes/nails
Small saw & pruning shears
(in cantel bag)
2 sets of vehicle keys
Basic Tool Kit
Phillips and flat screwdrivers
Utility Knife
Vise grip pliers
Wire cutters
Open-end and box wrench
Socket wrench
Tie wraps of various lengths
Compression fittings
Set of various electrical compression fittings, i.e. spade lugs, ring lugs, splice joints, wire splitters and pliers to fix lugs and other fittings for wires

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Equine and Human First Aid Kit

  1. Ear plugs
  2. Bandage material - Elasticon or Vetwrap, Kling and non-stick telfas
  3. Antiseptic - Nolvasan or Betadine scrub (Betadine is less irritating)
  4. 60 cc dose syringe
  5. Antibacterial ointment - for wounds and eye wounds: Hetacin-K Squirt into wound. Use 1/2 syringe each treatment)
  6. Anti-inflammatories
    a) Use for colic b) Use for tying up c) Good against wound inflammation.
    Banamine (injectable or paste) Inject 10 cc into the muscle for tying up or with either type of colic (spasmodic or impaction). Also used to reduce swelling and pain due to injuries.
    Phenylbutazone (Bute) which is similar to Banamine. Give 2 grams 1-2 times a day following an injury to reduce pain and swelling. Can also be given as a fever reducer. Note: Anti-inflammatories can mask signs of injury if self diagnosing.
  7. Tranquilizers
    a) Dormosedan - Newest and most potent. Kills pain for up to two hours Good sedation and analgesia treatment. Allows for good balance. Give 1 cc in the muscle for colic or when strong sedation is needed.
    b) Rompun (Xylazine) - Short acting (15 - 30 minutes). Average dose = 3 ccs (300mil)
    c) Acepromazine - Vasodilator. Good for tying-up. Contraindicated if shock is evident or possible.
  8. Azium powder (10 mg per pack) - steroid anti-inflammatory. for hives (allergic reaction). Feed two packs for first day. Then feed one pack once a day for two days. Can also be used for mild cases of bee stings.
  9. Solu-Delta-Cortef (500mg) - Potent, short acting steroid. Give for severe allergic reactions only (major bee sting attacks).
  10. Dipyrone (injectable) - Anti-spasmodic - for spasmodic colic Give 10 -20 cc in the muscle during spasmodic colic.
  11. Medical sissors

Human specific
CPR mouth guard
Rubber gloves

Traction Splint (CT-6)
SAM Pelvic Sling

Merck Veterinary Manual


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